How we help

We provide independent financial advice to help you build wealth, to spend on the people and things that are important to you.

The Advice To Help You Achieve

Smythe Financial Management provides independent financial advice and ongoing management to help clients achieve the aspirations and outcomes that are important to them.

This may include:

• Financial Independence • Renovating your home
• Working on your terms • Stress-free retirement
• Establishing the kids • Enjoying life and prioritising travel

So if you’re looking to accumulate and grow your wealth, and plan for your retirement, we’re here to help you achieve it.

Personal Financial Advice Map

Each client receives their own tailored Personal Financial Advice Map; a financial “road map” that encompasses all key financial areas applicable to them.

We consider every aspect of financial advice when developing your Personal Financial Advice Map.  Based on your specific personal and financial goals, your tailored map will include as many (or few) financial advice areas as you require.

One Adviser

No longer do you need a separate adviser for superannuation, another for insurance and another for investments.  With access to a range of specialists, including Tax Accountants, Investment Managers, Finance Brokers and Lawyers, Smythe Financial Management can manage it all for you and act as your “central point of control” for your finances.

Specialist SMSF Services

As an independent, specialist SMSF adviser, Smythe Financial Management provides SMSF trustees with tailored advice to make sure you are taking advantage of the tax and superannuation concessions available to you.

Xero Friendly


We use the Xero Cashbook service with clients to provide a clear picture as to where their money is being spent relative to an agreed budget.  Each month Xero will produce a Profit & Loss report so there is transparency and accountability with respect to a client’s cash flow plan.  Whether you are running a business or your family, “cash is king”.

The Value of Independence

When you hear people call themselves ‘independent’, you immediately think their opinion is going to be objective.  While that won’t always be the case, a claim of independence does, at least, present a person whose opinion can be trusted.

As Greg Medcraft, ASIC Chairman, recently remarked, “When you are able to call yourself independent by the law, you are sending a very definitive message to the public.”

There is a significant advantage to providing clients with a truly independent offering.

By positioning ourselves as someone whose advice is without influence – where clients never have to wonder why we are advising them to implement certain changes or utilise certain financial products, then that is a great start for both us and the client.

The videos on this page reinforce why we strongly believe that seeking truly independent financial advice is the only way to go.  Be sure to watch the end of “The Checkout” video as they share their advice on where to find Australia’s truly independent financial advisers.


The 1% difference

‘The Checkout’ calls out financial advice

A brilliant visualisation of sneaky commissions

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