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We provide independent financial advice to help you build wealth, to spend on the people and things that are important to you.

Smythe Financial Management provides its clients with independent financial advice and a central point of control to help them build their wealth and achieve what’s important to them.

Here are some examples:

David and Kathy


David and Kathy are 42 and have three children.  While they both love their jobs and they pay well, they have started to notice as the kids get older, their expenses are increasing too.  David and Kathy want to comfortably afford their children’s education and activities, and at the same time build some wealth.  As work is stressful, they also want to continue taking regular holidays with the family.

How we’ve helped:

  • Smythe Financial Management worked with David and Kathy and initially established an agreed set of personal and financial outcomes that they were both keen to achieve in the future.  We completed a budget to see how they were spending their money, and also to identify what excess cash-flow is available for investing.  We then prepared some cash flow advice, firstly showing how they can build wealth without changing jobs, and secondly agreed a cash-flow plan going forward so they can be better prepared for any unexpected expenses, without substantially cutting back on their lifestyle.
  • We reviewed their current superannuation funds and insurance to cut out any unnecessary costs.  We made sure their superannuation was set up appropriately for them and aligned with the retirement lifestyle they wanted for themselves and their family.  We updated their insurance cover so that it continued to provide a suitable risk management strategy for their family.
  • We also established an investment strategy outside of superannuation, and provided advice around a more efficient tax structure going forward.



Sandra is 45 and recently went through a divorce.  Sandra has always delegated the finances to her ex-husband, and has now discovered that things aren’t as rosy as she thought.  Having inherited the family home with no mortgage, and earning good money, Sandra has high disposable income.  Sandra has never sought financial advice before but she wants to ensure her finances are set up correctly, and wants to be confident that she can become financially independent in the future.

How we’ve helped:

  • Smythe Financial Management worked closely with Sandra to firstly understand the key outcomes she was looking to achieve when it came to her finances.  We reviewed her current income, expense and asset position, and provided some cash-flow scenario modelling, which allowed Sandra to make some concrete decisions moving forward with respect to investing her excess cash flow.  We also provided advice around structuring her income more tax effectively.
  • We established a new superannuation fund for her so as to better control her superannuation fund costs, and implemented a listed securities portfolio for both her superannuation and non-superannuation portfolios.  We also developed a superannuation contribution strategy to ensure the maximum would be contributed in to superannuation in the the lead up to her retirement, and reviewed her estate planning to ensure her wealth is passed on as she wants and in the most efficient way.

John and Hamish

John and Hamish

38 -year old John has recently sold his IT business, and together with Hamish have saved a significant deposit to purchase a new house by building up their offset account.  They aren’t sure of the best wealth accumulation options for them in building wealth for their future.

How we’ve helped:

  • Smythe Financial Management helped John and Hamish review the option of upgrading versus building wealth in addition to their house, and provided some unemotional advice with respect to trade-offs for them to consider in building wealth for the future.  After considering their options, they decided to remain in the current house, and build a non-superannuation investment portfolio by purchasing an investment property in John’s name, and some listed securities in Hamish’s name.  They also agreed to reinvest their excess cash flow in the listed securities portfolio to maximise their tax position.
  • As part of our ongoing relationship we meet together quarterly under an “investment committee” style relationship.  They wanted to be confident that they were making the right decisions with their money, and valued having someone independent to keep them accountable and on track in implementing their wealth accumulation plan.

Wealth Accumulation

The most significant driver of achieving what’s important to you will be your cash-flow. It is the first thing we address with clients, and one of the key discussion points when we meet with them to review their position.

In order to build wealth, you need a consistent and disciplined approach to how you deal with your excess cash flow.

Our job is to help you tackle the following key issues:

  • Identify where you are spending your money, and then benchmark that against other people like you;
  • Show you what your future cash-flow plan looks like, relative to the outcomes you want to achieve;
  • Discuss the trade-offs you might need to consider when looking at your future income and expense position; and
  • Implement the recommended changes to your cash-flow, which will put you in the best possible position of achieving the personal and financial outcomes you want to achieve.

Be sure to watch the video below, which outlines the key to a successful wealth accumulation strategy.

Client Feedback

“Ben is a sensible sounding board. He is conservative and protective and yet is happy to take on risk and listens. The money I spend with him is returned to me ten fold in the advice re savings and insurance and my retirement.”

– Kirsten Pollard, Sydney, NSW

“My partner and I have a somewhat out of the ordinary situation, none of which felt unfamiliar to the team at Smythe Financial dealing with us…Throughout the whole process, the team at Smythe Financial have been able to provide us with the reassurance, advice and act as a good sounding board for our own ideas.”

– Andrew Ward, Sydney, NSW

“We feel safe knowing our investments are being managed for us. We feel like we are doing something good for our future and our children’s futures. We felt good knowing the advice was purely independent as well. Ben and his team took action right away and got everything all sorted for us. The hard part is over and we can now relax and make our money work for us!”

– Sarah and Matt Coughlin, Sydney, NSW



Be sure to watch the video below, which outlines the key to a successful wealth accumulation strategy

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